After the ceremonial answer of “Yes,” the next step would be to look forward to the wedding ceremony. The ceremony is a big part of the whole wedding festivity. Rituals show more than it tells; thus, people look forward to getting into that venue to see whatever is different with the preparations. It is in the ceremony hall that people, including the newly-weds, loosen up and have a blast to share with everyone celebrating a happy union. Not to mention, although guests of family and friends come from different places and beliefs, the wedding ceremony tends to be a unifying factor for everyone. It is in the service that everyone goes as they are.

With the help of the internet, it brought people to connecting networks and advertising. Thus, searching for options for the ceremony is no longer as daunting. The choices and lists have now also gone larger, complete with a live band from Around Town Entertainment. Wedding ceremonies have also become more creative. Although wedding halls and the beach are the most popular choices, a garden or a small farm can even be options now. Other options are amusement parks, bowling lanes, a playground, and so on. It all depends on where you believe it is fun to do and convenient to hold.

Weddings were often prepared with a high cost. It used to be standardized as extravagant and an all-out festivity. Families and couples take years to save and prepare for this much-awaited celebration, and undeniably for many, it is the wedding ceremony that surprisingly takes a lot of the budget. There may be more people who would want to attend the service instead of the reception, so it can be expected that a large hall is needed for a couple that has a lot of guests. Hence, preparing the ceremony hall can be demanding. There are just too many and too much to consider.

The guest list will not be finalized without RSVPsPeople nowadays have changed, and it’s probably brought by the recession, cost of living that continually gets higher, unpredictable changes, and so on. Couples are now practical and aware of their finances. Some couples no longer look at weddings as a one-time shot where a fortune should be spent into. Couples already have other priorities, especially those that entail money. Getting married is not exclusive to having a wedding, but it is also about starting a family and building something together. It is understandable that couples should be smart with their plans.

There are a lot of things to consider to the wedding ceremony. Nowadays, many couples have shorter guests list. Couples and wedding planners are getting particular with RSVPs due to head counts to help estimate the number of seats, the meals to be served, the drinks to be prepared and the giveaways to order.

Having a wedding on a tight budget does not have to be a struggle. Here are some ways that you can help you achieve that simple yet glamorous wedding:

1. Get a coordinator to take charge of the guest list

The guest list keeps changing. Couples also need time think of who to invite, consider their locations, possibilities of coming or not, and so this may take weeks to complete and finalize. Sometimes, some guests may cancel the last minute, or even tag someone or more along with them. As the couple to be married, you do not have to be the one to face all these. The coordinator will be the one to do this task of setting the rules, preparing the communication with the guests and even communicating with them. Since most of your guests on the list are your close friends, you do not have to be the one feeling uneasy when you cannot grant their petty demands on your wedding day. Your coordinator will deal with it as you need not think personal about all the restrictions.

2. Choose an off-peak season for your wedding

Off-peak dates for weddings and the celebration can help in your savings big time. It may not be the best time for some things, but by choosing the right reception venue, it can still be fabulous. The reason behind choosing an off-peak season to be the best time for cost-efficient weddings is because of the lower cost of what you may need for your wedding. Suppliers, such as caterers, giveaway makers, and flower arrangers, may even give more discounts. Take time to look for suppliers that can offer significant savings without sacrificing quality on your wedding.

Being practical does not mean having to settle for less. It is highly possible to have a fabulous wedding ceremony through wise decisions. When you are on a tight budget, there are ways to make do with what you have. In the end, the wedding celebration is just a small part of your marriage; it is more about how you can deal with the demands of life as a married couple.