Growing a baby inside you can be really tiring on your body. Pregnancy is emotional, mentally, and physically challenging. Everything from the toes and legs is swollen, the back pains because of the baby bump; the breasts are soft and swollen due to lactation, etc. Massage can give you much-needed relief from muscle and joint pain, calm your nerves and also let you relax for at least some time.

As a new mother, prenatal massages are needed to ease down the body troubles and relax the muscles. With right moves, your dopamine and serotonin levels can improve the sleep schedule. However, getting a prenatal massage every day and every time, is not feasible. Either you don’t have the time, or it’s just not convenient to get right professional to do the needful.  So, if you ask how to get the prenatal massage, it’s easy and simple. Grab the lotion, coconut oil or shea butter, use your fingers in right motion and destress your body.

Pregnancy MassageFor this purpose, there are some massages that you can administer to yourself and relax your muscles. There are plenty of researches have shown that these self – massage techniques are really helpful in calming down the body and easing the back pain or leg pain. So, scroll through the article to unveil some of the self-massage and the tips to follow by them.

Dealing with the headaches:

Headaches are the most common problem seen in pregnant women. In addition to this, pregnant women are not allowed to pop a medicine for that, except Tylenol. So, here is a natural way to cure these headaches. Try your hand at reflexology. Reflexology is being used widely to cure common problems of fatigue and tiredness.

All you need to do is pinch both the thumbs of the toes from the upper part, near the nail. Then hold it for 10 seconds and let it go. After a second or two, hold the toe thumbs again and then let it go. This way the healing energy will be transmitted from your toes to your entire body, releasing the stressed muscles in your head. If you pinch the base of your toe thumbs, then you will be able to release the tension from your neck and the nape.

Back Pain:

Often women complain about back pain when they are pregnant and after the delivery as well. It might be caused because of the posture, or the weight of the baby bump or carrying around your infant the whole day. It is tiresome for a weak body. Just lie down flat and take a tennis ball and keep it under your back. The circulation will happen, and the back pain will be gone.

Swollen feet,  toes, and fingers:

If you have a major swelling phenomenon during pregnancy that includes swollen face and fingers of the hand as well, you really need to get it checked by a doctor. But if the swelling is not much, here is a simple exercise that you can ask your partner to help you out with. Just lie down on one side and add in pillows under your head, under your belly and in between your legs, near the knee. Then ask the partner to use some massage oil and start massaging your foot. Then ask him to move upwards to your calf area and then to the thigh area.

Wear stockings to prevent fluid retention on feetKeep in mind to tell your partner to perform the upward circulation while massaging. Then flip over onto the other side, and let him do the same thing to you. This way, the muscles will be released, and the healing energy will reach out to your heart, and the circulation will increase as well.

Another thing you can try here is doing this massage on your own, but with utmost precaution. Just lay on one side and then cross your legs. Keep your ankle on your knee. If the comfort is not there, add in a pillow above the knee. Then pour some oil and massage your ankles, calf and the thigh muscles.  Here you need to note that you do not massage the fleshy areas near your ankles. These fleshy areas are supposed to give rise to labor pain. So you can do this when you are near to your due date.

If you are too lethargic:

Suppose you have just delivered a baby and now it’s time to attend your office or go out for some work, but you are too lethargic and tired to make it through the day. So, just massage your hair scalp using the tips of your fingers for five minutes. Do it in a circular motion, and you will be up, jumping again.

Checking the baby bump:

The baby bump goes through a lot of stress throughout the day. So, it is better to relax the nerves a bit. All you need to do is take some massage oil and move your hand gently in a circular motion over it. Keep on doing this for five minutes daily.

For the sides:

Use a hot water bag and keep it under your hips. Then using the support of the bed, alternately shift to your sides. This way the love handles of the body will ease down, and the stressed-out muscles will loosen up as well. Make sure to do it very cautiously and not to over exhaust the body. Always take the support of the surface of the bed and then try to rock onto your side. The hot water bag will give some relaxation to your hip muscles as well.

It is said that massages work miraculously during the times of pregnancy. Like it is a stress reliever and gives the much-needed energy so that you can get a sound sleep. It so happens that when the prenatal massages happen, the levels of dopamine and serotonin increase in the body, so that pregnant women can go to sleep easily.

Prenatal massages have gained a lot of momentum recently. In case you are not ready to perform these massages on your own, you can reach out to professional service centers for a prenatal massage in New York City and schedule the weekly appointments.

However, while implementing these self – massage techniques, always try to consult your doctor before. So in case of any contradictions, the doctor is well aware of the techniques and can advise you regarding the same. Otherwise, it is perfectly alright to practice these techniques in your free time or before going to bed and have a sound sleep. Pregnancy won’t be a big deal anymore. There won’t be a need to handle your pains along with your mood swings.