Philapaix means “Peace and Brotherhood through Philately”.

Why the creation of the Philapaix association?

The Philapaix association is an association that brings together two passions: philately and the search for peace in the world.

We were touched by the Nobel Peace Prize, which was addressed to the heads of state of the member countries of the United Nations, and we wanted to take part, in our own way, in promoting the values ​​of peace and non-violence in the world. Of the world’s children.

What do we offer?

Our goal is to promote the values ​​of peace and fraternity among men. We have decided to use the support of philately to transmit our message because it is universal.

To develop our project, we have implemented several actions whose goals are:

– Allow everyone to discover that the postage stamp is a means of conveying a message of peace and fraternity throughout the world.

– Demonstrate that, over time, many actions have been taken so that a better world is built every day, with men and women, often discreetly but with liveliness and dynamism.

– Expose the theme of philately and peace on the occasion of the International Day of Peace, September 21 of each year.

– Collect postage stamps to fund projects helping the world of childhood or support other associations in developing actions in accordance with our aspirations.

What you can discover on the site of Philapaix

We have chosen to present our vision of a world at peace . To do this, different themes are presented to you, and the paths to be taken in order for our world to change.

You will also find an important part of the achievements of these exceptional beings who have brought more fraternity and respect to the world. Whether they have been rewarded with a distinction or they have remained in the shadows, they have a right to look at you, we have called them the Artisans of Peace.

We let you discover every page of this site which is still today under construction and improvement. We hope you enjoy it and will allow you to participate in this great project of a peaceful world for our children. Do not hesitate to contact us to give your comments in order to improve and develop this project.

Philapaix and its instigator were named “Universal Ambassador of Peace” by the “Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors” “Universal Ambassador Peace Circle”