What is Philately in the Service of Peace?

The association “Philately in the Service of Peace” is an association that brings together two passions: philately and the search for peace in the world. Touched by the call of the Nobel Peace Prize addressed to the heads of states of the member countries of the United Nations, Read more …

Nobel Peace Prize 2012

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union (EU). For more than six decades, the Union and its precursors have contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe. The work of the EU symbolizes “brotherhood among nations” and is equivalent to a form of “peace congress”, one of the criteria to which Alfred Nobel refers for the price of peace in his will in 1895 .
dialogue among civilizations

We are currently looking for:

In 2001, under the leadership of the United Nations, in the framework of the Decade of the Dialogue among Civilizations , a very large number of countries published a stamp on this theme, stamps that have the peculiarity of resembling each other. We are looking for these stamps which, for the most part, are no longer available on the market (to be discovered). We would be happy to help you with this research.

 We collect postage stamps

We collect the postage stamps to enable us to provide financial assistance to humanitarian or solidarity associations. How can you help us?

Follow our sales on the sites of Ebay or Delcampe by following the links offered regularly.

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How to Give Your Business a Boost Amid the Coronavirus Situation

As a result of the economic crisis brought down by the coronavirus, businesses, whether small or big, are flailing in almost all the countries. 

Numerous businesses had to be shut down since the pandemic surfaced, and several thousand others are on the verge of closing down. A lot of cities and states are currently undergoing reopening after the nationwide lockdown that was implemented to contain the spread. 

Those firms and businesses that have been able to thrive despite the pandemic are now thinking of various ways to give their sales a boost. They are finding ways to totally move their business on the digital platforms since it seems like working from home is going to stay for a while. 

Since the technology is being administered in a lot of business sectors so as to follow the social distancing norms and to avoid direct contact among people a lot of businesses are adapting to the execution of online channels to promote them in a better way. The current situation calls for businesses to be more proactive and to look for ways and wholesome strategies that can help expand their businesses in the digital sector. Some insights on boosting your online strategy are as follows:

  • Selecting the Right Digital Platform

Businesses should carefully dedicate some time to thoroughly evaluate many online platforms that can considerably help them in reaching their goals. WordPress is such a platform that is very easy to understand and use; it can also help you retain the attention of your audience since it mainly uses visual means which definitely gives better results in getting your ideas presented for larger masses. Additionally, a lot of the online stores utilize the SaaS platform because it has an affordable entry and also because the framework that it provides is upgradable. 

  • Web Designing & Its Importance

Smartphones have literally taken the tech world by storm so much so that people are now making use of mobile phones more to surf the internet and do everything else that they would normally use the computer for earlier. Keeping that in mind, it would be extremely beneficial for your business if your website is optimized for mobiles and tablets as well. Having a mobile-friendly website gives your business a definite edge over others. Businesses that use mobile-friendly websites also fetch as much as 40 percent more visibility than those that do not.

3. Put Cost Effective SEO practices in Use

SEO helps generate free of cost web traffic with the right content and right strategies. Use of correct keywords in a good quality content of your niche not only helps you improve the website’s rankings on Google but also brings in more users to your platform. For a challenging 2020, the use of long-tail keywords has been suggested by industry experts. One thing to note here is that the quality content should be the main priority. 

4. Social Media

Social media has become much more than just meeting and interacting with new people. Businesses nowadays see social media as one of their primary networking platforms to reach out to the consumer base and promote their business. Hence, following the social media trend is crucial such as the use of online videos that are being used to impact the current marketing tools. It has been proved to be very helpful for e-commerce websites that use online videos to boost their sales. Many platforms such as Etsy have introduced online video for sellers to boost their sales during this pandemic crisis.

5. Advantage of Paid Advertisements

Popular social networking and advertising platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn are a great way to attract new customers thanks to cheaper advertising. As people are spending more and more time online, there is an increase in the overall traffic, and this has resulted in paid advertising being cheaper as there is a drop in the number of advertisers as well. Paid advertising is an easy way to reach more audiences, and it can work great as part of your marketing strategy. 

6. Your Branding Style Also Matters

When you offer your customers something customized, it becomes exclusive as well. When it comes to standing out in the digital sphere, customization is of paramount importance. The most important element here is to zero-in on a logo that best describes and expresses the fundamentals and the motto of the business. With that, it is also imperative for the firms to work on their core values since they work to represent the firm in the digital sphere. The best bet would be to hire a digital marketing agency that would curate a customized solution for your business needs for effective solutions. Business owners in New York can look for an experienced New York City digital marketing agency to help you identify the branding style and market accordingly.

6. Stay Updated with Upcoming Google Algorithm Updates

To make the most of your search experience, you need to keep checking the core updates of Google from time to time since Google has announced that it will disclose the details of the new algorithm update six months before it is slated for release. 

8. Keep Track of Your Business Online

Apart from the aforementioned tips, the most important piece of advice when it comes to giving your strategy an added boost is to keep track of your business. There are metrics available through which you can easily see those areas where you need to work better, and also those areas where you are already doing good. Websites like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google analytics, and such will help you analyze the required metrics to evaluate your company’s current standing and area of improvement. 

For those services that are delivered in-person embarking on the digital bandwagon might be more difficult to execute. A great solution to solve this problem would be to replace a service with a product. While the strategies shared above can be time-consuming, and for some business owners slightly costly, but with patience and time, you can see the ROI increasing in your focus on building a good digital marketing strategy with the help of

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With ever-growing hectic schedules, most of the time is spent out of the house working, attending meetings or traveling around. The need to be back home is sharp and strong. People are therefore tending towards private dinner parties at home itself instead of going out to fine dining restaurants. The thought of eating and chill is exciting, but the cooking up an entire meal may not be equally impressive for many.

In recent times, the trend of private dining is gaining momentum, and there is always an undue pressure to lay down a multi-course Michelin star restaurant kind meal on the dinner table. For some, this may be easy, but truth be told no one wants to spend their entire day grilling in the kitchen and presenting your tired look to your guests.

High food standards with a personal chefHiring a personal chef is the best resort in such times. Also ordering food from outside every time you wish to eat something fancy is not a healthy option. Outside food is mostly not really healthy and especially not recommended to be consumed on a regular basis. To have fine meals that are healthy as well, hiring a personal chef is the best way to get that.

We bring forth the reasons why you should hire a personal chef for the next dinner party you plan to throw.

1. Meeting High Food Standards

People are aware and conscious beyond par about their health, what they eat and even of every single bite, they put in their mouth. There might be some guests who do not compromise on what they want to eat. Transfer this stress to the personal chef and let him/her whip up an exorbitant meal that meets the expectations of the guest. Let your guests’ relish the quality meal your personal chef has prepared, and you just go around gather accolades.

2. The Love of Hosting

Everybody loves to throw a dinner party at their place. What follows next is the endless planning, cooking, cleaning, shopping and stressing. The best host is the one who attends, meets and greets all the guest that come to the party and ensure they are well fed and properly looked after.

Juggling kitchen and attending guests might not be the best way of throwing a dinner party. Let go of this scenario and hire a chef who takes upon itself the burden while you are free to attend the guest and win the best host or hostess award.

3. Special Occasions

Birthday, anniversary, promotion, family get together, Christmas, etc. are some of those special occasions where the help of a personal chef comes to play. These special occasions are the time to spend good, quality time with friends and family. Do not waste it in the kitchen running errands, cooking, serving and everything else. Let the personal chef take over while you enjoy those moments.

4. Busy Fine  Diners

Most of the fine dining restaurants are located in the heart of the city or the liveliest part. They usually end up running too busy, limited parking which is even difficult to find and is costly. Taxi is the other cost that you incur if you drop the idea of going by car. All this can be avoided by getting the same fine dining food at your dinner table made by your chef.

5. Privacy

Dinners are the best time to have proper communication and talk about endless things while enjoying your healthy, wholesome and tasty meals. Having a meal at home provides you with the much-needed privacy to not bother you or interrupt the conversation. With so many people sitting in the close vicinity might eavesdrop on the conversation, which is something almost everybody despises. Hiring a personal chef will let you have a good meal in peace and your own personal space.

Kids should be considered in your menu6. Kid Friendly

Taking children around with you everywhere might not be possible. Even some high-end fine dining restaurants prohibit the entry of children below a certain age. Hiring a babysitter adds to the cost. Parents can take the benefit of hiring a personal chef and revel in at home with spouse, kids, fireplace and a healthy exotic meal coming straight from the kitchen via the hands of your chef.

7. Mix and Match

It is always best to serve menu options to the guests coming to your house for dinner. Doing that by yourself can be challenging. Hiring a personal chef let you try different and interesting combinations. You can serve dishes where the guests can mix and match their dish as per their taste buds.

8. High-Priced Wine

The wines served at fine dining restaurants is always expensive and overpriced. The cost of drinks forms a major part of the entire bill. Hence it is better to sip the wine from your collection and enjoy the home-cooked meal that matches the fine dine restaurant standard or can be even better.

It is in the best interest to take the services of a personal chef. If you are planning to throw a party anywhere in the New York City, you can find an ideal personal chef for all your special party needs at http://www.yourpersonalchef.nyc/  The cost of hiring a personal chef may be a little burdensome on the pocket, but the returns are worth the cost. The comfort and pleasure of having to eat the homemade meal made to perfection by the hands of an expert soothe the senses after a long day at work. So, even if you are planning an Italian menu or a Japanese dinner party, book your chef and experience the custom prepared meals just for your palate.

To relax and unwind, it is common to order food from outside. Outside foods are one of the unhealthy meals one can consume. They are loaded with extra and empty calories which in turn hamper the health and fitness. Also, with all the crazy diets, people are raging about around the globe, it is not easy to go out for dinner and find a healthy nutritive meal.

It is thus beneficial to take the services of a personal chef. A personal chef will be committed to providing you with the best looking and healthy meal made with the highest quality items all found in your kitchen.

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Growing a baby inside you can be really tiring on your body. Pregnancy is emotional, mentally, and physically challenging. Everything from the toes and legs is swollen, the back pains because of the baby bump; the breasts are soft and swollen due to lactation, etc. Massage can give you much-needed relief from muscle and joint pain, calm your nerves and also let you relax for at least some time.

As a new mother, prenatal massages are needed to ease down the body troubles and relax the muscles. With right moves, your dopamine and serotonin levels can improve the sleep schedule. However, getting a prenatal massage every day and every time, is not feasible. Either you don’t have the time, or it’s just not convenient to get right professional to do the needful.  So, if you ask how to get the prenatal massage, it’s easy and simple. Grab the lotion, coconut oil or shea butter, use your fingers in right motion and destress your body.

Pregnancy MassageFor this purpose, there are some massages that you can administer to yourself and relax your muscles. There are plenty of researches have shown that these self – massage techniques are really helpful in calming down the body and easing the back pain or leg pain. So, scroll through the article to unveil some of the self-massage and the tips to follow by them.

Dealing with the headaches:

Headaches are the most common problem seen in pregnant women. In addition to this, pregnant women are not allowed to pop a medicine for that, except Tylenol. So, here is a natural way to cure these headaches. Try your hand at reflexology. Reflexology is being used widely to cure common problems of fatigue and tiredness.

All you need to do is pinch both the thumbs of the toes from the upper part, near the nail. Then hold it for 10 seconds and let it go. After a second or two, hold the toe thumbs again and then let it go. This way the healing energy will be transmitted from your toes to your entire body, releasing the stressed muscles in your head. If you pinch the base of your toe thumbs, then you will be able to release the tension from your neck and the nape.

Back Pain:

Often women complain about back pain when they are pregnant and after the delivery as well. It might be caused because of the posture, or the weight of the baby bump or carrying around your infant the whole day. It is tiresome for a weak body. Just lie down flat and take a tennis ball and keep it under your back. The circulation will happen, and the back pain will be gone.

Swollen feet,  toes, and fingers:

If you have a major swelling phenomenon during pregnancy that includes swollen face and fingers of the hand as well, you really need to get it checked by a doctor. But if the swelling is not much, here is a simple exercise that you can ask your partner to help you out with. Just lie down on one side and add in pillows under your head, under your belly and in between your legs, near the knee. Then ask the partner to use some massage oil and start massaging your foot. Then ask him to move upwards to your calf area and then to the thigh area.

Wear stockings to prevent fluid retention on feetKeep in mind to tell your partner to perform the upward circulation while massaging. Then flip over onto the other side, and let him do the same thing to you. This way, the muscles will be released, and the healing energy will reach out to your heart, and the circulation will increase as well.

Another thing you can try here is doing this massage on your own, but with utmost precaution. Just lay on one side and then cross your legs. Keep your ankle on your knee. If the comfort is not there, add in a pillow above the knee. Then pour some oil and massage your ankles, calf and the thigh muscles.  Here you need to note that you do not massage the fleshy areas near your ankles. These fleshy areas are supposed to give rise to labor pain. So you can do this when you are near to your due date.

If you are too lethargic:

Suppose you have just delivered a baby and now it’s time to attend your office or go out for some work, but you are too lethargic and tired to make it through the day. So, just massage your hair scalp using the tips of your fingers for five minutes. Do it in a circular motion, and you will be up, jumping again.

Checking the baby bump:

The baby bump goes through a lot of stress throughout the day. So, it is better to relax the nerves a bit. All you need to do is take some massage oil and move your hand gently in a circular motion over it. Keep on doing this for five minutes daily.

For the sides:

Use a hot water bag and keep it under your hips. Then using the support of the bed, alternately shift to your sides. This way the love handles of the body will ease down, and the stressed-out muscles will loosen up as well. Make sure to do it very cautiously and not to over exhaust the body. Always take the support of the surface of the bed and then try to rock onto your side. The hot water bag will give some relaxation to your hip muscles as well.

It is said that massages work miraculously during the times of pregnancy. Like it is a stress reliever and gives the much-needed energy so that you can get a sound sleep. It so happens that when the prenatal massages happen, the levels of dopamine and serotonin increase in the body, so that pregnant women can go to sleep easily.

Prenatal massages have gained a lot of momentum recently. In case you are not ready to perform these massages on your own, you can reach out to professional service centers for a prenatal massage in New York City and schedule the weekly appointments.

However, while implementing these self – massage techniques, always try to consult your doctor before. So in case of any contradictions, the doctor is well aware of the techniques and can advise you regarding the same. Otherwise, it is perfectly alright to practice these techniques in your free time or before going to bed and have a sound sleep. Pregnancy won’t be a big deal anymore. There won’t be a need to handle your pains along with your mood swings.

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In the global marketplace for cosmetics, more and more people are discovering an ever increasing variety of products and sometimes even services aimed at allowing people to use cosmetics to look their very best. While these cosmetics are not always cheap, whether they’re a glorious red hair dye, a subtle blush makeup or an impressive new shade of nail polish, many people find that these products are worth it.

women buy cosmetics to look their bestIn addition to showing that one cares for themselves to others, many people just plain feel better changing the way they look to suit their desires rather than simply letting their bodies transform on their own. For many people, Korean cosmetics offer a chance to use their bodies as a canvas to create their personal ideal of beauty.

Acquiring cosmetics is, however, something of a tricky proposition. There’s the simple matter that not every cosmetic is fit for everybody for any number of reasons, whether it’s a cost a buyer can’t afford or a clash between natural skin tone and the color of the cosmetics that the user doesn’t want. Between colors, shades and other products, it can be hard to get the right one. For those looking for the right cosmetics at a price they can afford, there are two main options. The first is to go to stores and purchase them and the second is to get online and buy cosmetics from online dealers.

shopping for cosmeticsBuying Cosmetics in Stores

stores offer sample cosmetics for testing on skin typesThe main advantage of buying cosmetics in stores, be they the local drug store or a specialized beauty product outlet, is that one can see the exact shades and colors for themselves, as well as reading the entire label containing the full range of instructions and possible side effects. This is invaluable information for somebody who wishes to use their cosmetics to full effectiveness, particularly if they need to stretch out their beauty budget as far as they can.

Further, brick and mortar stores tend to have much easier and oftentimes much more generous return policies if a cosmetic product does not suit your needs or desires. While there are often hardships to returning any cosmetics, brick and mortar stores do so far more quickly than online outlets, who at the bare minimum will make unsatisfied customers mail the product back to them, assuming they offer a return policy at all. Brick and mortar stores can return the product as easily as a trip to the store.

Buying Cosmetics Online

online stores offer convenienceThe main advantage of buying cosmetics online is the price. Though there’s a legitimate risk of not liking the product you get, the prices of online cosmetics outlets simply can’t be beaten. There are a number of reasons for this, but it’s true that in most cases, one’s cosmetics needs can be met cheaper by buying online.

Additionally, there is a much wider range of products, some quite specialized, available online than there are in brick and mortar stores. The increased variety and lower prices have many cosmetics users swearing by their favorite online stores.

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Writing a love poem can seem like an ominous task because it feels like it has so much weight bearing down on its meaning. Perhaps the poet is trying to share emotion or affection simply, but it can be as serious as a marriage proposal too.

These are seven tips for writing a highly efficient short love poem.

1) Length

The term short is vague. Short to one person may be prolonged to another. Consider a length of 12-18 lines to be an appropriate length. If the poem is too short, it will appear to be shallow and lack substance. If it is too lengthy, the loved one won’t take the time to read it. Keep the length in mind right from the start.

2) Rhyme

One of the most common mistakes that people were trying to write love poems make is using a sing-song rhyming that makes the verse seem frivolous and empty. If this is going to be a genuine poem of genuine emotion, avoid the cheap rhymes.

Even in the digital age love poems never go out of style3) Hokey versions of “Roses are red…”

Spare your loved one any version of this classic trite verse. No one wants to hear “Roses are red/Violets are blue/Will you wed me/Before I get the flu.” It is forcing your message into a trite, overused rhyme, and although cute, it is a groaner.

4) Metaphors and Similes

Selective and creative uses of comparisons can paint the picture of your love. Just make sure that the painting is the one you want. Don’t compare your love to an old stinky gym sock that you hang onto for luck or that your heart beats like the roar of a NASCAR race. They just are not images that the loved one wants to be associated with the emotion of love. Choose images that will have positive connotations.

5. Too many conflicting images

Sometimes the flaw is that the poet is so filled with emotions and great ideas that it never gets limited down. It isn’t a good idea to cram every good idea into one poem. Consider the possibility of writing more poems further down the line. If possible just use one theme and develop images from that theme. If your love is being compared to a hummingbird, use words associated only with that theme such as sweet allure; fast beating; hovering close; tasting the sweet nectar of his or her kiss, and so on.

6. Presentation

Consider how the love poem will be given to the loved one. The greatest poem ever could be written on a Buffalo wing stained napkin, but the presentation loses its appeal. Follow through with the presentation. Avoid torn pieces of notebook papers, towels, grocery sacks and so on. Although handwritten always trumps typed on a computer. A poem that is handwritten demonstrates personal feelings. The material that it is written on reflects thought and effort. Consider tying the presentation to the theme. Give a little figurine of a hummingbird along with the poem themed with a hummingbird or use a permanent marker and write the poem on a leaf.

7. Time to rest

Give the poem time to rest. Don’t write it minutes before you want to give it to someone. It is essential to let the poem rest for a day or two and then look at it with fresh eyes. Sometimes more reasonable heads prevail in time, and that’s when the alarm bells ring on the gym sock love poem. It is always good to come back and look at the poem later.

Writing a love poem can be a real treat and a wonderful gift. Slip a love poem under a loved one’s pillow or on the steering wheel of his or her car. Leave a love, not in their lunch bag or even text it on their cell phone with a picture of you as a couple. Whatever the place or the occasion, love poems can be a great way to share your emotions with the one you love.

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health podcasts will widen your horizons as a nurseAs a healthcare professional, it is important to stay abreast on the medical innovations that spring up like mushrooms nowadays. But we all know that being in the medical field requires a lot of hours attending to patients. This perpetual busy schedule makes it difficult to get a quiet time to sit down and read up, but luckily, there are other ways to learn. Podcasts are convenient in that you can listen to them on the drive to work, while you are doing the grocery, or going through your daily run before you start the day.

Here are some podcasts made by real healthcare professionals to update you on the latest developments in diet, medicine, and more:

1. NPR – Your Health

This podcast not only reports about the latest discoveries in medicine, but it also tells stories of real people who are battling specific health conditions, addictions, and other situations involving care insurance.

Give it a listen: http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/07/10/536448362/survey-says-medicaid-recipients-like-their-coverage-and-care

2. Health Ranger Report

Being a crusader of natural medicine, the Health Ranger delivers a scathing commentary on big pharma and the health care system, recommends natural alternatives to treat various conditions, and debunks medicine myths and political conspiracies.

Give it a listen: http://healthrangerreport.com/-magnesium-found-to-treat-depression-better-than-drugs

3. Healthcare 411

Medical research is riddled with highfalutin words, and when you hear a lot of unfamiliar terms, it could be hard to grasp how it affects your life. Healthcare411 explains medical research and discoveries in a customer-focused approach, making it accessible to health professionals and non-professionals alike.

Give it a listen: https://youtu.be/ZtTYnN_PSd0

4. The Checkup

If you like to burden yourself with the little quirks in daily living like muffin tops or zombie teenagers, this podcast is for you. Hosts Carey Goldberg and Rachel Zimmerman takes an opinionated approach to anxiety, sex, and other daily worries that are preventable.

Give it a listen: http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/the_checkup/2015/06/the_clinical_approach_to_losing_weight_and_changing_eating_behaviors.html

5. TED Talks Health

The go-to for brilliant storytelling, TEDTalks delivers compelling stories from health professionals and researchers themselves, giving a glimpse into the personal lives and realizations of these established medical personalities.

Give it a listen: http://podbay.fm/show/470623173/e/1339513206?autostart=1

6. Nutrition Diva

Whatever diet you are in, the Nutrition Diva is your best friend when it comes to healthy eating. This podcast aims to bust diet hoaxes, help you pick out the best food for your chosen diet, and explain food labels so you could get more from food and other supplements.

Give it a listen: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/weight-loss/is-your-metabolism-to-blame

7. Dishing up Nutrition

Hosted by licensed nutritionists and dietitians, Dishing Up Nutrition are 45-minute podcasts discusses the importance of nutrition to preventing diseases such as Coronary Artery Disease, chronic pain, PCOS, among others.

Give it a listen: https://www.weightandwellness.com/resources/podcasts/new-look-what-causes-coronary-artery-disease/

Johns Hopkins Hospital8. John Hopkins Medicine Podcasts

These minute-long podcasts deliver a bite-sized expert-level take on the medical news. For longer discussions, you can listen to PodMed, their weekly compilation of the latest studies.

Give it a listen: http://podcasts.hopkinsmedicine.org/2017/07/07/podmed-week-of-july-10-2017/

These podcasts are regularly updated so you can binge-listen to them during your downtime at work or when you are relaxing at the end of the day. You will surely be entertained by these experts’ wisdom and candor without adding more strain to your already tired eyes.

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Statistics from the World Health Organization state that 12.5 deaths are from cancer. Using a postal tax stamp to fight cancer started in Ecuador in 1938.

Unlike semi-postal stamps, Postal Tax stamps are mandatory on all mail on designated days of the year.

Ecuador Postal Tax

Recognizing an opportunity to raise money in the fight against cancer, Ecuador issued a 6-centavo stamp from a 1930 commemorative set marking the founding of the Republic of Ecuador, fittingly depicting a tobacco crop, overprinted Campana Contra el Cancer and surcharged 5c to collect the tax. Use of the stamp was obligatory on all mail sent from Ecuador during November 23-30, 1938 and the funds raised went to the International Union for the Control of Cancer.

Marie and Pierre Curie in 1939 Panama anti-cancer stampPanama Postal Tax

Panama followed suit in 1939 when it depicted physicists Pierre and Marie Curie on a series of postal tax stamps that were issued over ten years. The common-design stamps were issued in similar colors with a different date in the lower corner each year. In 1940, a dark-green 1 centavo definitive (regular issue stamp) depicting the coat of arms of Panama was overprinted Lucha Contra El Cancer in a circle. The same definitive was used again in 1946 and 1947 with an 1c surcharge and an overprint reading Cancer B/.0.01 1947.

Dominican Republic Fights Cancer

When Panama ceased issuing postal tax stamps, the Dominican Republic took up the torch. In February 1953 it issued a compulsory tax stamp depicting a serpent entwined about a sword and a crab (cancer). For the next thirty years, this design would grace anti-cancer stamps issued in various colors and later including a year date. Government financial support for people living with cancer in the Dominican Republic is virtually non-existent. Volunteer health care professionals are relied upon to provide medical or comfort care. Drugs left over when a patient succumbs are either repurchased by the clinic or donated back by wealthy clients.

European Cancer League

Nine voluntary cancer leagues formed the association of European Cancer Leagues in 1980. The association, expanded to 27 European countries, forms a network of 40 member organizations, including the Croatian League Against Cancer.

Croatia Postal Tax

The first Croatian anti-cancer postal tax stamp was issued November 4, 1992. This 15-dinar stamp depicts the epic battle between St. George and the dragon. The stamp was obligatory in all mail sent during November 4-11, 1992. In the following two years stamps with the same design were issued and denominated 500d and 50 lipas respectively.

In 1995 and 1996 Croatia changed the design of its postal tax stamps for the benefit of the anti-cancer league and gave the stamps a stronger breast cancer theme as the most frequent cause of death among women in Croatia is breast cancer. The stamps show different designs featuring women performing self-examinations for breast cancer.

Macedonia Postal Tax

Macedonia has arguably done the most for the anti-cancer crusade by issuing a multitude of postal tax stamp in various formats to collect money for anti-cancer leagues. Whether or not a greater amount of funds have been raised is unknown, but there is certainly no lack of stamps for collectors or users in support of Macedonia’s annual anti-cancer week. The first Macedonian anti-cancer stamps were issued in 1992 in a set of eight 5-dinar stamps. Souvenir folders containing perforated and imperforate stamps were also available. Macedonia continues to issue annual anti-cancer postal tax stamps though since 1997 souvenir sheets were no longer available and the obligatory stamps were reduced to a single stamp.

American Cancer Society

It is estimated that is the current trend continues by 2020 there will be in excess of 10 million cancer deaths per year. The application of present technology can prevent 30 percent of these cases and cure another 30 percent with adequate early diagnosis. John Seffron, CEO of the American Cancer Society urges action: “We need to put cancer on the public policy agenda all around the world.” In their own way, postal tax stamps accomplish that.

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After the ceremonial answer of “Yes,” the next step would be to look forward to the wedding ceremony. The ceremony is a big part of the whole wedding festivity. Rituals show more than it tells; thus, people look forward to getting into that venue to see whatever is different with the preparations. It is in the ceremony hall that people, including the newly-weds, loosen up and have a blast to share with everyone celebrating a happy union. Not to mention, although guests of family and friends come from different places and beliefs, the wedding ceremony tends to be a unifying factor for everyone. It is in the service that everyone goes as they are.

With the help of the internet, it brought people to connecting networks and advertising. Thus, searching for options for the ceremony is no longer as daunting. The choices and lists have now also gone larger, complete with a live band from Around Town Entertainment. Wedding ceremonies have also become more creative. Although wedding halls and the beach are the most popular choices, a garden or a small farm can even be options now. Other options are amusement parks, bowling lanes, a playground, and so on. It all depends on where you believe it is fun to do and convenient to hold.

Weddings were often prepared with a high cost. It used to be standardized as extravagant and an all-out festivity. Families and couples take years to save and prepare for this much-awaited celebration, and undeniably for many, it is the wedding ceremony that surprisingly takes a lot of the budget. There may be more people who would want to attend the service instead of the reception, so it can be expected that a large hall is needed for a couple that has a lot of guests. Hence, preparing the ceremony hall can be demanding. There are just too many and too much to consider.

The guest list will not be finalized without RSVPsPeople nowadays have changed, and it’s probably brought by the recession, cost of living that continually gets higher, unpredictable changes, and so on. Couples are now practical and aware of their finances. Some couples no longer look at weddings as a one-time shot where a fortune should be spent into. Couples already have other priorities, especially those that entail money. Getting married is not exclusive to having a wedding, but it is also about starting a family and building something together. It is understandable that couples should be smart with their plans.

There are a lot of things to consider to the wedding ceremony. Nowadays, many couples have shorter guests list. Couples and wedding planners are getting particular with RSVPs due to head counts to help estimate the number of seats, the meals to be served, the drinks to be prepared and the giveaways to order.

Having a wedding on a tight budget does not have to be a struggle. Here are some ways that you can help you achieve that simple yet glamorous wedding:

1. Get a coordinator to take charge of the guest list

The guest list keeps changing. Couples also need time think of who to invite, consider their locations, possibilities of coming or not, and so this may take weeks to complete and finalize. Sometimes, some guests may cancel the last minute, or even tag someone or more along with them. As the couple to be married, you do not have to be the one to face all these. The coordinator will be the one to do this task of setting the rules, preparing the communication with the guests and even communicating with them. Since most of your guests on the list are your close friends, you do not have to be the one feeling uneasy when you cannot grant their petty demands on your wedding day. Your coordinator will deal with it as you need not think personal about all the restrictions.

2. Choose an off-peak season for your wedding

Off-peak dates for weddings and the celebration can help in your savings big time. It may not be the best time for some things, but by choosing the right reception venue, it can still be fabulous. The reason behind choosing an off-peak season to be the best time for cost-efficient weddings is because of the lower cost of what you may need for your wedding. Suppliers, such as caterers, giveaway makers, and flower arrangers, may even give more discounts. Take time to look for suppliers that can offer significant savings without sacrificing quality on your wedding.

Being practical does not mean having to settle for less. It is highly possible to have a fabulous wedding ceremony through wise decisions. When you are on a tight budget, there are ways to make do with what you have. In the end, the wedding celebration is just a small part of your marriage; it is more about how you can deal with the demands of life as a married couple.

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The condition of a stamp is important in determining its value and possible investment potential the better the condition, the more the stamp is likely to appreciate in value, especially if it is rare or already valuable.

Stamps in Mint Condition

The finest condition is called “mint.” This is a stamp that is in the same state in which it was bought at the post office, there are no marks or blemishes, and the gum is intact. It has not been mounted using a stamp hinge but has been persevered as new.

Examining the stamp quality is a must for any philatelistUnused Condition

The next category is “unused” this stamp has not been used to post a letter and so has not been through the postal system, it has no cancellations or postmarks but although identical in most ways to a “mint” stamp the gum to fix the stamp to the envelope is missing.

A mint stamp is worth more than an unused one.

Other Stamp Conditions

Look at the front of the stamp are the colors bright and fresh or dull and faded? The brighter, the better. USPS recommends to ask these questions. Like, is the stamp clean, dirty or stained? Look at the edges of the stamp. The perforations, are they intact or are some of them missing? Look at the corner perforations particularly to see if they are even and regular.

The stamp should not be torn or nicked as these are not considered collectible. Although they may be used as “fillers” to complete a set. And then thrown away when a better, more intact example is added to the set.

Where the image of the stamp is framed with a white border and does not “bleed” out of the edges; look for what is called “centering.” Is the stamp’s image in the center of the frame or is it shifted to one side or the top or bottom of the stamp? Centered stamps are better than those that are off center.

If the stamps have been through the postal system and had a cancellation, postmark or a frank. If it has been used to send a letter, it will have received a cancellation at the sorting office. Collect used stamps that have only light marks and not ones that are heavily obliterated with the black cancellation stamp.

Thinning and Fine Conditions

Turn the stamp over to the blank or gummed side and look at the condition of the stamp. Are there parts where more light is showing through than other parts? This is called “thinning” and is due to the stamp having been mounted with a hinge and the hinge being carelessly or roughly removed. Thinning can also be caused when removing a stamp from paper and not having soaked it first.

Other categories that stamp dealers and collectors use are “very fine” and “fine,” both of which refer to stamps that have been hinged and suffer a degree of gum removal from the hinge.

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First off, we have to clear that Intermittent Fasting is not a diet as opposed to popular beliefs. Instead, it is a method of scheduling your meals. It’s not about what you eat but when you eat. The usual fad diets promote eating low-calorie meals to be able to hit the desired weight. With intermittent fasting, you will need to keep your regular calorie intake on those days that you are not fasting. Furthermore, this fasting is veered towards maintaining the muscle mass leaner.

Get leaner muscles with IFSo how does this intermittent fasting work?

Fed and Fasted

Initially, we need to know the difference between your body’s fed state and the fasted condition. Your body is in “feed mode” when it is digesting and consuming food. This happens when you start eating and can last from 3-5 hours. According to dieticians, it is hard for the body to burn fat when it is in the fed state because of the high insulin levels.

The fasted state of the body is the time when your body is not consuming any food. For about 8-12 hours since your last meal. During this time, it is easier for the body to burn fat since the insulin levels are low. Moreover, it is in this condition that the body can burn fat which has been out of reach during the fed state. Your body does not enter the fasted condition until 12 hours after your last meal. So it is rare that your body will be in this fat burning state. It is one of the factors why a lot of people who does intermittent fasting can lose fat even without changing what they eat. Through starvation, your body is being put in a fat burning mode. Which rarely happens when you are following your regular eating schedule.

Intermittent Benefits

Intermittent fasting has various benefits and advantages, and one of it is that it is easier to do than dieting. Once your body gets used to the fasting schedule or the eating schedule following the intermittent fasting scheme, it will be easier for you to follow it. You won’t feel the cravings since you can still eat whatever you want when your time to eat comes. With ordinary diet, people usually fail at it because it is hard for them to follow the diet over the long term. It is more of a behavioral problem. If your diet options are limited, you can consider the Sun Basket review by Julia Baum to get flavorful meals despite calorie limitations.

Timed fasting and eating each dayAside from helping you lose weight, intermittent fasting can also help reduce the risk of cancer or increase the probability of survival. There had been a study conducted among ten cancer patients. The result suggested that the side effects of chemotherapy may be decreased if the patient will fast before the session. It is also said to result in higher rates for it to be cured and a decrease in death rates.

There have been debates going around regarding the effectivity of this intermittent fasting. You can’t tell if it is a hundred percent effective. What works for one person may not work for the other. Thus, it is better to consult your doctor and ask permission if you can do this intermittent fasting. If your doctor gives you the signal, then you can try it and see for yourself if this can work for you.

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